The gentle little baby boy

The gentle little baby boy
Carefully laid in the wooden box
Hopelessly floating on the river top
So close to where the maids wash.
Though, the river was kind sort of
His mother’s hope was almost lost
Till the great princess got to the river shore
And the little baby returned to his mum
So the little Joseph in the palace grew up
Becoming the Leader of the people of God

As we celebrate the birth of our Lord,
May you be happy as a little baby boy
That when you look up as to the mountain top
Thinking of where your help may likely come
Everyone to you shall be kind thereof
And where you thought all hope was lost
The Lord shall turn it all to joy
And more testimonies to cap it up
Till you become a Leader of the people of God


Bamidele Julius

God gave me the gift to write for real; for heaven is real and hell is real! Hence, the birth of Please share our posts. "As we walk in the pathway of RIGHTEOUSNESS, heaven is our final destination."

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