THE DEVIATION – First Church and The Present Church

Why this sharp disagreement, between you two?
Sharing the same believe, you pretend to
Is not one born of the other, and you both of the same parents?
By the original parent, One was born
And by this One, the Other was given birth to
Flesh and blood of same parents, you both share

To die for me is a gain, because I will see the Lord
Precious to the Lord, is the death of His saints
Preaching and teaching daily, the One professed
Giving it undiluted to the Other, at handing over
The One already came and gone, and in the books for the Other
Trying to follow the heritage, the Other lives today

Many good things at my disposal, with great aspirations
Why must I die now, not even at the biblical age of 70
I cast out the spirit of death, they profess and cry out loud
Their ancestral wings, the fear of death already clipped
And are confined to a comfort zone, unable to soar high
To pluck ripped souls for their master, their main purpose of existence

The cloud was heavily condensed, with higher precipitation each day
Yet they were unable to discern, that the torrent of sin floods the temple
Where they sits and make new laws, simply interpreted as doctrines
Rubbishing the strength of the scriptures, yet not careful
And into business centres, the house of God turns
With different denominations, as political parties

Let the balls of our eyes roll, taking the true pictures
For the subconscious of our memories, to properly discern
The One was the early church, the Apostles made
Acted and lived exactly, as received from the Lord
And souls were gained to the Lord, on daily basis
The Other is this present church, at a junction of confusion

Although crowds in the church we see, on frequent basis
Souls were lost daily from the church, deviated from the Lord
Yet death refused to spare, both young and old
Not minding their posts, even in the church
Not even sparing sinners, for a true repentance
With more souls lost forever, and hell keeps increasing

The Master’s fingers crossed, hoping for a turn around

As the heaven mourns every hour, each soul lost forever
And praying fervently, for the end time revival
Looking down from heaven to see, if any has the understanding
To search out from the scriptures, for the true repentance to salvation
And share among others, bringing joy to the Saviour’s cheek

This I only hope, and fervently pray
That the linear and diagonal movement, of your eyeballs
Turning these letters into words, as you read
Or sound waves on the pineal, beating your ear drum as you hear
This POEM OF REPENTANCE, speaks the Holy Spirit into your life
To do the will of the Master, the only passport to heaven

Please do answer me, if I may ask
Why must you be silenced, by the umbrella of death?
How will you feel, if you find no place in heaven
If you finally perished in hell, with the condemned criminals
The door is still opened anyway, if you’re willing and obedient
Jesus is merciful and kind to accept, now that you have your life

Bamidele Julius

God gave me the gift to write for real; for heaven is real and hell is real! Hence, the birth of Please share our posts. "As we walk in the pathway of RIGHTEOUSNESS, heaven is our final destination."

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