Is it that easy to be a graduate?
That passed through the “Law” gate?
Where they read the good and fake,
Where they give all it takes,
Reading and studying than their mates,
Making the corners and libraries their base,
To be eloquent in issues like debate.
Be it a private, federal or state,
No varsity treats the “Law” abase,
And the law school has no smiling face

The young graduate and barrister of law,
Tries all the best in the court of law,
Being meticulous in actions and words,
Till he becomes one day, a judge.
And luckily, his jingling may sound loud,
And becomes the head, chief of all.
The chief justice, in place of God ,
But much lower in office than God.
For the laws are not his own,
He is also bound by the laws.

Yes, he has his own flaws.
His immunity may be so tough,
While his office sweet him sort of,
That he take sides in the rule of law.
Wait for him till he leaves the job,
He may sleep behind the prison doors.
And if no sanity remain in the court of law,
There is a Chief Justice whose laws are pure,
Our Creator and the Everlasting God.
His judgments respect no one at all.


Hope is not as easy as said
It is a demonstration of faith
And waiting for things of no end
Building Foundation for things not seen

Like someone struggling to make his day,
Working, saving to buy a phone
On the morrow, laboured to get a card
But soon he found ‘the battery’s low’

Plugging to the main is just in vain,
‘Cos the main is off the grid,
And the gen is dry of fuel,
Cry and tears would add to pain

Cheers, my brother it’s not the end
It’s not by power and not by might,
The Grace to stay is just the fuel,
Soon, your dream would turn to real

Having all I want is just today,
Waiting for so long is hope delayed,
Though, the day is just behind,
My hope in Christ will not defer

Lyrics by Bamidele Benjamin ©