Who can find a “Sister Grace”?
Running in life’s frizzy race,
Not so careful of her age,
Hoping for a golding mace.
And each time she needs to gaze,
Where on earth the gift was laced?
And though the end was late,
Happy was she with smiling face.

You and I could be “Sister Grace”.
Not so mindful of having fame,
Nor playing life the usual game;
In competition with other mates.
But with regard to everyone’s name,
Giving helping hands, even to the lame,
Yet, not seeing these as a shame.
This is my prayer for people of this age!

Bamidele Julius

God gave me the gift to write for real; for heaven is real and hell is real! Hence, the birth of Please share our posts. "As we walk in the pathway of RIGHTEOUSNESS, heaven is our final destination."

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