Rest In Peace

Rest in peace; a prayer, a wish, or a soliloquy? I know not.
Can a soul indeed in peace rest when in peace never lived with any man?

Roughshod ran he over the less; took where he sowed not and
laughed to scorn all who dared to ask.
Yet in death they prayed for him, rest in peace

With wanton disregard, she cavorted, seeds of discord and sadness she sowed;
wrecked the havoc of deceit and seduction.
Yet in death they wished her a rest in peace.

By crook and all kinds of means, their money was made; ill begotten wealth they flaunted;
Their charade of goodness, to the high heavens, oozes forth odiousness.
Yet in death they say, rest in peace

Their god was power, fame and money; no room for the God of Peace in their thought;
Filled with lust and every carousing, they shed innocent blood at will.
Can they really rest in peace?

How can they rest in peace, whose stock in trade was anything but peaceful.
Whose life signature was antithesis to peaceful living?
How indeed can their rest be in peace? DDK

Dedeke G.A(DDK)

An Academic Scholar with the passion for God.

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