These days our youths are so funny
All their thoughts are based on money
Thinking all are as sweet as honey
Making a “god” out of the tummy
And to Internet, most became nanny
While the youth remained that funny
The adults are also not a dummy
Proving to be daddies and mummies
Even though some are now grannies
They thought God is meant for the babies
And the church for the lowborn
Pure consciousness in them was gone
Praising morals in place of God
But the children are confused thereof
Having to choose either God or work
For we all run after good luck
And so I pray to you, Dear Lord
Turn our hearts again to Your Word
We’ll no longer be that “funny” in this world
But each other’s brethren in God’s ward
Where Jesus is the master of us all
That all together we’ll build a wall
And lift this nation than the mountain top

Bamidele Julius

God gave me the gift to write for real; for heaven is real and hell is real! Hence, the birth of Please share our posts. "As we walk in the pathway of RIGHTEOUSNESS, heaven is our final destination."

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