In Their Love Song

In their ‘love’ song

Their ‘love’ song; whether I wish to hear or not, filter to me.

All I heard were the ludicrous and lusty sound of uncultured souls

In their ‘love’ song; the anatomy of the lady was the theme.

With relish, they croon, filling the air with feelings but not of love.

In their ‘love’ song; with crazy abandon, they described things better valued in the secret.

The physical took precedence over the spiritual.

In their ‘love’ song; In frenzy, they shake and dance to the cajoling sounds of lust.

Carousing and caressing with their lips till the fire of passion was unleashed

Their ‘love’ song doth indeed is revealing. Hearts drenched with dregs of scum

Virulently staining the souls enamoured by their ‘love’ song. ddk

Dedeke G.A(DDK)

An Academic Scholar with the passion for God.

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