With all pleasure, he gently sat
Eating his own meal the delicious way
Prepared for or by him in his own kitchen
Not minding the wait till the food was ready
But certainly to his taste, he’ll fill his belly

And by the table, he felt like a king
Eating up his food, not minding the taste
Not even careful the food cost so low
Even if bone was the meat, it is all with joy
And when no piece of meat, he remained optimistic

At the table, he refuses to talk
Calling his food “a King” to reverence
Yet his teeth struggle with the ‘muscle meat’.
We need no whistle blower to reveal this! – He is not poor!
He is an average man with great contentment

He is not poor!
Though the taste of chicken was a dream
And the “Queen’s meal” he may never taste
Yet, his optimism remains his joy
As he live a quiet life.

*‘muscle meat’ = The muscle or very hard to chew part of animal meat. It takes a very long time and expertise to soften while cooking.

Bamidele Julius

God gave me the gift to write for real; for heaven is real and hell is real! Hence, the birth of www.gospelpoetry.org. Please share our posts. "As we walk in the pathway of RIGHTEOUSNESS, heaven is our final destination."

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