My tummy vibrates, radiating pains
All across the body through the veins
Just in the reminiscence of the rainbow paint
And all I could think of is to have a tail
Which could waggle my body and remove the pain

Or what benefits do I have in all my gains
With the bulk of people, of whom I trained
If my precious body suddenly becomes untrained
Lying down helpless; the world of vain
While the funeral others prepare, not minding the rain

So I discovered it is not by much gain
Nor the smartness of one’s brain
Or the jurisdiction of one’s reign
Could set man free from the hell’s chain
Binding him with sins again and again

Soon I discovered a King, great in His reign
Who had left His own throne with just an aim
To free everyone from the devil’s chain
And carry us all in His salvation train
Till the Kingdom we see, where the saviour reigns


PSALM ONE: Planted by the Rivers

With leaves wide and fresh, I am drought free
Bearing beautiful fruits for all to see
By the river side planted, a glorious tree
Just as it is in Psalm one verse three

With the Lord’s blessings I became full
Avoiding the counsels of sinners and scornful
But the law of the Lord is my best tool
Just as it is in Psalm one verse one and two

But the ungodly man flies as chaff
Not having direction nor compass in graph
For their seat was lost with the children of life
Just as it is in Psalm one verse four and five

Unending glory paints the righteous seat
For his end shall be where Jesus sits
While the ungodly mourn in great defeat
Just as it is in Psalm one verse six


The scope of eternity, let us imagine
How long and far, it will be
Give a man a pail, someone said
Go to the sea, tell the man
Use the pail and fetch, a bucket full
Dispose the content, anywhere choose
To empty the sea, how soon it will
Is a reflection of how long, eternity will last

Another illustration, eternity likened
Take a child to the beach, on the quiet side
Give to him a cup, and all he need
You may even teach, to the best you can
One by one to count, the sand of the beach
How accurate he count, the sand of the beach
So accurate you’ll predict, how eternity last
How soon the figure obtained, eternity last longer

If for so long, eternity last
And so few, our days on earth
Yet two divisions, eternity has
Unrepentant sinners on earth, one division they go
Where the devil torments, in the fire of hell
Weeping and lamentation, is their cry forever
In the other division, live the saints of God
Singing sweet songs of joy, forever in heavenly place

Tick after tick, your days count
Counting down the line, to your last day
When about you they say, gone so soon
Yet in your heart you say, I’ll grow very old
Death respects no age, yet be reminded
Jesus is still calling, all to give you
A sweet home of joy, with the saints of God
When this earth you leave, and eternity begins

2 Thessalonians 1:8-10; John 11:25-26; Galatians 6:7-8