Lord, I am sorry
For in all things, I worry
I have dwelt on the old story
And blindfolded in my furry
I had rely more on money
Mistaking it for your glory
Then trouble rose as a storey
Much more than I can carry
Please, Oh Lord, I am sorry
Still, in my sins I merry
And come short of Your glory
Come into my heart which is stony
Cleanse and make it lowly
Jesus the King of Glory!
Indeed I am so sorry!
Please, Oh Lord, I am sorry


Celebrating the BIRTH of JESUS………….


Jesus the ‘everything’, the A and the Zee
He came around so that we can see
Even each day as we make our tea
That the sweat heaven is much for real
Only for the people with forgiven sins

So heavy as the cross, even without a reel
Made for Jesus to be killed for real
On the pathway to a promise fulfilled
Putting His spirit in our hearts with zeal
Carefully watching each day as we eat our meal

And much more in our thoughts and deeds
Being so careful with the way we feel
As we struggle hard, just to take the lead
Not to make a fool of the righteousness seed
And give a room for sins and greed

For the life will fly away without a hint
And the body useless, deaf to the pinch
Thrown at it by the multitude’s speech
Even if their voices could reach their peak,
The gone away soul shall move no inch

And afterwards on eternity Street
Just at the point where two streets meet
The one to hell and the other through the Cross’ feet
While the sinners cry in hell with the demons’ beat
With Christ are the Saints, and their joyous weep.


My tummy vibrates, radiating pains
All across the body through the veins
Just in the reminiscence of the rainbow paint
And all I could think of is to have a tail
Which could waggle my body and remove the pain

Or what benefits do I have in all my gains
With the bulk of people, of whom I trained
If my precious body suddenly becomes untrained
Lying down helpless; the world of vain
While the funeral others prepare, not minding the rain

So I discovered it is not by much gain
Nor the smartness of one’s brain
Or the jurisdiction of one’s reign
Could set man free from the hell’s chain
Binding him with sins again and again

Soon I discovered a King, great in His reign
Who had left His own throne with just an aim
To free everyone from the devil’s chain
And carry us all in His salvation train
Till the Kingdom we see, where the saviour reigns


A SECRET EXPOSED! – A brighter light than the sun

Crystal clear it was, pushing aside the clouds
Traveling across the space, no hindrance was found
Giving the eyes its light, for sight within and around
Being absent for a while, man becomes confounded
Awaiting its messenger of rays to declare the day
Such a messenger of Peace the sun was made!

Brightly clear apparel as the rays of the sun wore
Giving its light freely across the corners of the world
Is never tired, sharing its brightness and warmth
Then it was clear to me, who I am in the Lord
When He said to me “You are the light of the world”
I am the light of the world, a brighter light than the sun would!

Though clouds of darkness covered my way
Not seeing clearly, in much lack I lay
Losing much hope as I live by days
Till I met with Jesus who showed me the way
And He said to me “You are the light of the world”
I am the light of the world, a brighter light than the sun would!

And unstoppable I become, passing through the clouds
With the shining light of Christ, even above the crowd
For my sinful nature destroyed, by the power of Christ
And a new heart I get, after the Holy Spirit ploughed
For unto me He said “You are the light of the world”
I am the light of the world, a brighter light than the sun would!

I will say, sincerely as I ever could
There is a way out of your gloom
Jesus is the way the source and for all
To light up your life than anyone would
For unto you He said “You are the light of the world”
You are the light of the world, a brighter light than the sun would!

THE DEVIATION – First Church and The Present Church

Why this sharp disagreement, between you two?
Sharing the same believe, you pretend to
Is not one born of the other, and you both of the same parents?
By the original parent, One was born
And by this One, the Other was given birth to
Flesh and blood of same parents, you both share

To die for me is a gain, because I will see the Lord
Precious to the Lord, is the death of His saints
Preaching and teaching daily, the One professed
Giving it undiluted to the Other, at handing over
The One already came and gone, and in the books for the Other
Trying to follow the heritage, the Other lives today

Many good things at my disposal, with great aspirations
Why must I die now, not even at the biblical age of 70
I cast out the spirit of death, they profess and cry out loud
Their ancestral wings, the fear of death already clipped
And are confined to a comfort zone, unable to soar high
To pluck ripped souls for their master, their main purpose of existence

The cloud was heavily condensed, with higher precipitation each day
Yet they were unable to discern, that the torrent of sin floods the temple
Where they sits and make new laws, simply interpreted as doctrines
Rubbishing the strength of the scriptures, yet not careful
And into business centres, the house of God turns
With different denominations, as political parties

Let the balls of our eyes roll, taking the true pictures
For the subconscious of our memories, to properly discern
The One was the early church, the Apostles made
Acted and lived exactly, as received from the Lord
And souls were gained to the Lord, on daily basis
The Other is this present church, at a junction of confusion

Although crowds in the church we see, on frequent basis
Souls were lost daily from the church, deviated from the Lord
Yet death refused to spare, both young and old
Not minding their posts, even in the church
Not even sparing sinners, for a true repentance
With more souls lost forever, and hell keeps increasing

The Master’s fingers crossed, hoping for a turn around

As the heaven mourns every hour, each soul lost forever
And praying fervently, for the end time revival
Looking down from heaven to see, if any has the understanding
To search out from the scriptures, for the true repentance to salvation
And share among others, bringing joy to the Saviour’s cheek

This I only hope, and fervently pray
That the linear and diagonal movement, of your eyeballs
Turning these letters into words, as you read
Or sound waves on the pineal, beating your ear drum as you hear
This POEM OF REPENTANCE, speaks the Holy Spirit into your life
To do the will of the Master, the only passport to heaven

Please do answer me, if I may ask
Why must you be silenced, by the umbrella of death?
How will you feel, if you find no place in heaven
If you finally perished in hell, with the condemned criminals
The door is still opened anyway, if you’re willing and obedient
Jesus is merciful and kind to accept, now that you have your life


Hail and heartily sound, Obalola was
Awaiting his rightful throne, enthusiastic he was
Scores of people at home, and at the king’s Palace
Both the village square, and the market place
Merriment they were, eating and dinning
Tomorrow is the D’day, Obalola will be crowned
And become the king, of his glorious land

It was 3pm, and yet 4pm
And tomorrow seemed far, with all preparations made
And to his companions, tomorrow will be good
I will seat on the throne, and be celebrated
“Obalola, heir to the throne, you’ll do as you said”
Was the musicians’ song, even at eve
But all his mind was, focused on the morrow

The evening came, with reduced population
Many already gone, preparing for tomorrow
Hail and hearty yet, Obalola was
And then a little headache, late in the evening
A little rest you need, the people say
Not being fully aware, eternity is near
And covered with the darkness of death, in few minutes

Not even the D’day, the news gone round
Though sad news it was, Obalola is dead
He gave me this, he gave me that
Even in wailing, good testimonies shared
The worst of him, a preacher said
The message of heaven, he failed to accept
Too busy for himself, preparing for tomorrow

The bitter truth, let me tell you
In every aspect, Obalola you are
Putting all your best, for a better tomorrow
Even your prayers, all about tomorrow
Yet heaven is closer, and you’re not aware
That your salvation in Jesus Christ, is the only passport
For an everlasting enjoyment, even if tomorrow fails

Proverb 12:15; Luke 12:16-21; Ecclesiastes 8:8; 12:1-8