Rest In Peace

Rest in peace; a prayer, a wish, or a soliloquy? I know not.
Can a soul indeed in peace rest when in peace never lived with any man?

Roughshod ran he over the less; took where he sowed not and
laughed to scorn all who dared to ask.
Yet in death they prayed for him, rest in peace

With wanton disregard, she cavorted, seeds of discord and sadness she sowed;
wrecked the havoc of deceit and seduction.
Yet in death they wished her a rest in peace.

By crook and all kinds of means, their money was made; ill begotten wealth they flaunted;
Their charade of goodness, to the high heavens, oozes forth odiousness.
Yet in death they say, rest in peace

Their god was power, fame and money; no room for the God of Peace in their thought;
Filled with lust and every carousing, they shed innocent blood at will.
Can they really rest in peace?

How can they rest in peace, whose stock in trade was anything but peaceful.
Whose life signature was antithesis to peaceful living?
How indeed can their rest be in peace? DDK


My tummy vibrates, radiating pains
All across the body through the veins
Just in the reminiscence of the rainbow paint
And all I could think of is to have a tail
Which could waggle my body and remove the pain

Or what benefits do I have in all my gains
With the bulk of people, of whom I trained
If my precious body suddenly becomes untrained
Lying down helpless; the world of vain
While the funeral others prepare, not minding the rain

So I discovered it is not by much gain
Nor the smartness of one’s brain
Or the jurisdiction of one’s reign
Could set man free from the hell’s chain
Binding him with sins again and again

Soon I discovered a King, great in His reign
Who had left His own throne with just an aim
To free everyone from the devil’s chain
And carry us all in His salvation train
Till the Kingdom we see, where the saviour reigns



When the eyes are fully closed, life pillar already fallen
The members are quieted, and body control refused
The heart already stops beating, and the body grows cold
It could be young or old, or even YOU!
Hopelessly lies the body, strength and consciousness flew away
Overflowing rivers of sorrow, in the heart of friends created
Sad stories of sweet moments, sprinkles from different mouths
How I hope he’s around to hear, but far beyond the cloud he’s gone

Families and friends’ word discard, a better alternative sought
We can’t be looking at him like this, their tongue and teeth sound
The mortuary is the next option, for a wet preservation
Or even a dry preservation, saving his body from rotting
But the true reason silenced, avoiding contaminating our neighbourhood
Not even his very best friend, holding back his life can do
Yet their pale head shakes on its stalk, sympathy and sorrow wears
But no one knows, what befalls the spirit gone

Disposing the body in burial, a consensus reached
Securing a little land space, the sole priority becomes
May be a place in his beautiful villa, or his uncompleted building
Or at a public burial ground, a land space purchased
The body is disposed to the soil, the uniqueness of it
Whether poor or very wealthy, debt of death paid
How beautiful or horrible the grave is, the spirit is forever gone
Seeing very clearly, the real truth about God

If poor before the death, series of funfair may elude
An old cloth may be put on him, even at the burial
Or a white cloth quickly purchased, not even with a coffin
But if average or wealthy, beautifully decorated in a gorgeous coffin
Brigades and singers goes before, customized undertakers follow
Young and old at the flamboyant service, patiently waiting for food and gifts
But the bodies covered in soil, and left to rotten alone
Not minding the eternal destination, such a soul arrived

Generally about this life, I began to think
So much attention, mete on this body
With this my stomach, I dare not joke
Such cheap materials and wears, are not for me
Without a proper make-up, I dare not go out
Such and such people say, not excluding the poor
Too much care we take, of this mortal body
Which soon waste away, and eternity begins

I only imagine the beautiful gate, when the angel ask
Can you give account, how your life was spent?
Beautiful stories of worldly achievements, buoyantly said
And again the angel asks, anything done for God?
With the bulk of my wealth, I was too busy
I am a student and I must read, I run a business which must not fall
The gospel is too hard, yet I go to church
To such a soul, the angel shakes his head

But your name is absent, in this Book of Life!
The heaven mourns, a soul lost forever!
As he pleads for mercy, the devil comes quoting scriptures
“For it is given to a man, once to die …..”
The next line was in hell fire, tormented by devil and his agents
To caution his families and friends, he hopes to go back
But the dice already cast, it is no more possible!
Though with a deep regret, he is lost forever!

At the heaven’s gate, the righteous come
Welcome my faithful servant, the voice he hears
Jesus already waiting, wipes away his tears
I can’t believe I am here, said with deepest joy
But the gate is already opened, and he’s become as the angels
Earthly nights of sorrow, glorious morning replace
Singing the sweet hymns, from the heavenly court
With the saints gone before, he lives forever!