Is it that easy to be a graduate?
That passed through the “Law” gate?
Where they read the good and fake,
Where they give all it takes,
Reading and studying than their mates,
Making the corners and libraries their base,
To be eloquent in issues like debate.
Be it a private, federal or state,
No varsity treats the “Law” abase,
And the law school has no smiling face

The young graduate and barrister of law,
Tries all the best in the court of law,
Being meticulous in actions and words,
Till he becomes one day, a judge.
And luckily, his jingling may sound loud,
And becomes the head, chief of all.
The chief justice, in place of God ,
But much lower in office than God.
For the laws are not his own,
He is also bound by the laws.

Yes, he has his own flaws.
His immunity may be so tough,
While his office sweet him sort of,
That he take sides in the rule of law.
Wait for him till he leaves the job,
He may sleep behind the prison doors.
And if no sanity remain in the court of law,
There is a Chief Justice whose laws are pure,
Our Creator and the Everlasting God.
His judgments respect no one at all.

The gentle little baby boy

The gentle little baby boy
Carefully laid in the wooden box
Hopelessly floating on the river top
So close to where the maids wash.
Though, the river was kind sort of
His mother’s hope was almost lost
Till the great princess got to the river shore
And the little baby returned to his mum
So the little Joseph in the palace grew up
Becoming the Leader of the people of God

As we celebrate the birth of our Lord,
May you be happy as a little baby boy
That when you look up as to the mountain top
Thinking of where your help may likely come
Everyone to you shall be kind thereof
And where you thought all hope was lost
The Lord shall turn it all to joy
And more testimonies to cap it up
Till you become a Leader of the people of God



These days our youths are so funny
All their thoughts are based on money
Thinking all are as sweet as honey
Making a “god” out of the tummy
And to Internet, most became nanny
While the youth remained that funny
The adults are also not a dummy
Proving to be daddies and mummies
Even though some are now grannies
They thought God is meant for the babies
And the church for the lowborn
Pure consciousness in them was gone
Praising morals in place of God
But the children are confused thereof
Having to choose either God or work
For we all run after good luck
And so I pray to you, Dear Lord
Turn our hearts again to Your Word
We’ll no longer be that “funny” in this world
But each other’s brethren in God’s ward
Where Jesus is the master of us all
That all together we’ll build a wall
And lift this nation than the mountain top


Who can find a “Sister Grace”?
Running in life’s frizzy race,
Not so careful of her age,
Hoping for a golding mace.
And each time she needs to gaze,
Where on earth the gift was laced?
And though the end was late,
Happy was she with smiling face.

You and I could be “Sister Grace”.
Not so mindful of having fame,
Nor playing life the usual game;
In competition with other mates.
But with regard to everyone’s name,
Giving helping hands, even to the lame,
Yet, not seeing these as a shame.
This is my prayer for people of this age!


Lord, I am sorry
For in all things, I worry
I have dwelt on the old story
And blindfolded in my furry
I had rely more on money
Mistaking it for your glory
Then trouble rose as a storey
Much more than I can carry
Please, Oh Lord, I am sorry
Still, in my sins I merry
And come short of Your glory
Come into my heart which is stony
Cleanse and make it lowly
Jesus the King of Glory!
Indeed I am so sorry!
Please, Oh Lord, I am sorry

Purely Naija – Baba God I hail

Baba God I hail you
For inside all the gbege I found myself
You tanda gidigba for my side
I con get liver to dey waka about

Wetin I for say again?
When na “Pencil Light” blessing I asked for
Na “Big Daddy” blessing you take nak me
You give my aprokos big blow for mouth

When my enemies think say I be “Baby boy”
You con throway me beyond “End of Discussion”
Na so you make my name “Discussion continue”
And all I get, Baba God na your hand work them be!

When the enemies join hand to delete me
Baba God bring them to my domot and give them meal
So dem dof their caps and joined me to sing
Baba God na your hand work them be!

HAPPY New Year FROM US – My New Year Prayers

In the reminiscence of the past years
While in much struggles and frequent yearns
And to questions of my needs I hardly say yes
Till I bowed to God and humbly learn

So, in this New Year I quickly say
Oh Lord of mercy, hear me as I pray
In the depth of poverty, give me all I need
And in my fullness, save my heart from pride

In my failures, give me Your heart
When fear comes, make my boldness fat
And in my fatness, be the all I have
So, in your kindness I’ll burst out in laugh

Each time I pray, hear my voice Oh Lord
In my pursuits, teach me to love
Never to be partial, each time I judge
For that is your attribute, Oh precious God

And finally, when the month count twelve
Let testimonies fill me and where I dwell
And let it be countless, the souls I’ve helped
That in your garden of grace, I’ll gently dwell



Celebrating the BIRTH of JESUS………….


Jesus the ‘everything’, the A and the Zee
He came around so that we can see
Even each day as we make our tea
That the sweat heaven is much for real
Only for the people with forgiven sins

So heavy as the cross, even without a reel
Made for Jesus to be killed for real
On the pathway to a promise fulfilled
Putting His spirit in our hearts with zeal
Carefully watching each day as we eat our meal

And much more in our thoughts and deeds
Being so careful with the way we feel
As we struggle hard, just to take the lead
Not to make a fool of the righteousness seed
And give a room for sins and greed

For the life will fly away without a hint
And the body useless, deaf to the pinch
Thrown at it by the multitude’s speech
Even if their voices could reach their peak,
The gone away soul shall move no inch

And afterwards on eternity Street
Just at the point where two streets meet
The one to hell and the other through the Cross’ feet
While the sinners cry in hell with the demons’ beat
With Christ are the Saints, and their joyous weep.


As we celebrate JESUS………….


There is power in Jesus’ name
Much more than an incredible game
More influential than the greatest fame
What else can be compared with Jesus’ name

So much power in Jesus’ name
So strong that no one can tame
Easily restoring the legs of the lame
What else can be compared with Jesus’ name

Much more power in Jesus’ name
Taking away the believer’s shame
On the cross where he bore the shame
What else can be compared with Jesus’ name

So much more power in Jesus’ name
Not minding the guiltless blames
Thrown at Him by the adversaries’ claim
What else can be compared with Jesus’ name